It's never been more important to work with a financial advisor; someone who lives and breathes investments. Someone who can take all the loose ends, tie them together into a plan—one that's relevant to you and you alone. Someone who can help you get the answers you need to questions like these:

-           Are you worried about whether you are making the right financial moves?

-           Would you like to pay less tax?

-           Do you need to plan for your children`s education?

-           Would you like to know how much you need to retire and have a plan to get there?

-           Would you like to stop worrying about money and be free from financial concerns?

If you need banking solutions, investment products, or a mortgage, as your Consultant I can give you the support you need to make proper use of your money and reach your financial destination.

You can visit my webpage, by clicking on the link below and call or email me for a free no obligation consultation.



Melanie Hammond

Investors Group | MELANIE HAMMOND

201-630 Goldstream Avenue

Victoria, BC V9B 2W8

(250) 888-8625


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